Are you prepared?

You should have 3 to 6 months' worth of expenses saved to cover an unexpected situation.

Start Preparing Today:

  1. Open an Emergency Savings Account (with $0).
  2. Make qualifying deposits, which include direct deposits, transfers from another account, check or cash.
  3. Watch your savings GROW.

You'll get a $25 boost in your Emergency Savings Account after:

  • Your emergency savings balance is equal to or greater than $250 (after three months).
  • Minimum of three qualifying deposits, which include direct deposits, transfers from another account, check or cash.
  • Get an additional $25 boost—up to a maximum $100—when your emergency savings balance reaches $500, $750 and $1,000.

You'll also need:

To open an Emergency Savings Account with us, stop by a branch or contact us.

1 A one-time bonus of $25 will be paid each time the balance in the Emergency Savings Account reaches thresholds of $250, $500, $750 and $1000 respectively. Maximum bonus total of $100 (one $25 bonus for reaching each threshold). Minimum of 3 separate qualifying deposits are required to earn initial bonus. Account must be open for 90 days before any bonus will be awarded. After the account has been open for 90 days, if the balance reaches a threshold at any time during the previous month, the account will be eligible for bonus. Qualifying deposit is any deposit or direct deposit of salary, pension, social security benefits, any other check or cash deposit, or any transfer from another account. Non-qualifying deposits include dividends, fee refunds, and program bonuses. Must be enrolled in paperless statements to earn bonus. Bonus will be paid no later than the fifth day of the month immediately following the qualifying month. Bonus is a dividend, member must have a social security number to open. Eligibility to earn bonuses expires 48 months from account opening date. Member must maintain a traditional checking account to be eligible for the Emergency Savings Account. If the related checking account is closed, the Emergency Savings Account will convert to a Basic Savings Account and member will not be eligible for bonus. Business members are not eligible for Emergency Savings Account. Limited to one Emergency Savings Account per tax reported owner.