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You Know You’re From “The Region” When... Part 2

Northwest Indiana embodies unique charm, quirks, and inside jokes created by the people that call The Region home. If you already related to our first You Know You're From "The Region" When... article then keep reading to really put your region spirit to the test. You know you’re a true “regionite” when you relate to these 5 signs.


You call yourself a “Region Rat” 

Outsiders might find the nickname peculiar, but the term is a badge of honor that symbolizes the loyalty, resilience, and history of the land. You wear the title with pride and know it represents the culture of the area. 


You know someone that works/worked for one of the steel mills

You know a cousin, uncle, or even your dog’s best friend’s owner who’s employed by the steel industry. It’s like a rite of passage to have a connection with those smokestacks and fiery furnaces, especially because you live so close to them.


You wear shorts when it’s only 45 degrees

After a long brutal winter your perception on the weather could be a little off. Sometimes you think 45 degrees could feel like the hottest day of the year after dealing with that lake effect. Just don’t forget to also wear your winter jacket, or you’ll just look silly!


You say bags, NOT corn hole 

In your hometown bags is an all-time favorite game to play with friends and family in the summer time. But you have no idea what “corn hole” is. When someone from out of town asks to play “corn hole” you look at them like their crazy and teach them the regional lingo. 


You accept “getting stuck behind a combine” as a valid excuse for being late 

Harvest season is like The Region’s special version of a city’s rush hour. If you’re late you just have to say you were stuck behind a farmer and his combine and no one will bat an eye. This is also a testament of how much everyone respects and appreciates the farmers. Which is a good thing because without the farmers in Northwest Indiana how else are we going to get corn?  



In the end, The Region is defined by more than its geographical location. It’s about a sense of belonging, shared experiences, and a strong pride in the place you call home. Just know wherever you go you’ll always have a piece of The Region within you.

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