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Boiler Financil Track


Financial Wellness for Boilermakers

Boiler Financial Track aims to help Purdue University students learn to manage their money effectively and provides the education and guidance needed to empower them to make informed financial decisions during their college careers and throughout life. 


Boiler Financial Track provides outreach and education that includes:



Financial Counseling

One-on-one financial counseling sessions.


Financial Wellness Presentations

Presentations to campus clubs, classes and organizations.


Budgeting Help

Assistance in building and maintaining a budget.


“Purdue Federal Credit Union recognizes and understands the stress that financial challenges bring to everyday life, and just as Purdue is trying to ease the long-term burdens with tuition freezes, we hope this financial wellness program will equip students with the education they need to be savvy financial consumers.”

Bob Falk 
President and Chief Executive Officer

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“We are excited by the opportunity to build financial literacy skills across our student population. Purdue Federal’s generosity helps our students gain lifelong skills—helping them make wise financial decisions as students and beyond. We are ever grateful to be able to provide this opportunity.”

Beth McCuskey 
Vice Provost for Student Life




Proud to be a part of STEPS to LEAPS

Self-Improvement Tools to Bolster Fortitude & Success for Purdue Students

STEPS to LEAPS provides Purdue students with tools, resources, and support to build resiliency and tenacity for all aspects of their lives and establish lifelong habits to help them realize their personal definitions of success. 


Boiler Financial Track is proudly powered by Purdue Federal Credit Union,
in partnership with Purdue University Recreation & Wellness.