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2018 Board Members Elected

April 4, 2018—Purdue Federal Credit Union (Purdue Federal), a member-owned cooperative governed by a nine-member volunteer board of directors, held its 2018 Annual Meeting and board election on Tuesday, April 3, 2018, at the Dauch Alumni Center in West Lafayette, Ind.

Members elected Lucia M. Anderson, Rick B. Davis and Steven D. Mogensen as members of the board of directors for a three-year term. Anderson is retired from Purdue University, Davis is CEO of Henriott Group, and Mogensen is President and CEO of SpeechVibe, Inc.

Officers for the 2018-19 board of directors are Steven D. Mogensen, Chair; Lucia M. Anderson, Vice Chair; Cristina D. Farmus, Treasurer; Edgar J. Cyr, Secretary; and Rick B. Davis, Christiane E. Keck, David J. Kish, Sundeep S. Rao and John A. Schneider, Directors.

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