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What is the "credit union difference," anyway?

If you’ve learned about credit unions (CUs), you may have heard about the “credit union difference.” But what exactly does that mean?

There are some major differences between credit unions and banks, and these differences affect how they serve you. Read on to learn more.


CUs are member-owned.

Banks have customers and shareholders to serve. While they serve their customers, their shareholders own the bank and are often top priority.

Credit unions don’t have customers or shareholders. They have members they serve, and these members are all part-owners. Because our members have a say in what we do, we’re completely focused on providing services and opportunities that work for them. At Purdue Federal, this even includes things like free financial counseling.


CUs have a field of membership.

Credit union members must fit into a field of membership, which can be determined by where you work, go to school, live, worship, and more.

We have a variety of community partners in Tippecanoe, La Porte, and Lake counties. When potential members come into a branch, we work with them to find a way they can qualify for membership with us.


CUs are not-for-profit.

While banks are always working to make a profit for their shareholders, credit unions are not-for-profit. This means they’re dedicated to serving their members, and any profit they make is returned to those members.

We do this through rewards programs, lower fees and reduced loan rates. For example, our My Member Perks program allows members at Purdue Federal to enjoy cash rewards when they use their debit cards and Visa® credit cards.


CUs are community-focused.

Because credit unions are tied to their communities through fields of membership, they often go the extra mile to help those in need.

At Purdue Federal, we have a number of programs dedicated to giving back. For example, Skip-a-Pay lets members with qualifying loans skip their loan payment for one month by paying a small fee. Every year, part of that fee is donated to a local charity. We even offer volunteer time off for all of our employees, which allows them to take time to serve the community.


By choosing a credit union, you get a financial partner for life that cares about you and your financial wellness—not just about making a profit.

Interested in becoming a member of Purdue Federal? We’d love to have you.

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