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I Love Purdue Federal

We're proud to serve our community well. Purdue Federal was voted Best Financial Institution and Mortgage Lender in the Best of the Wabash awards in 2020. Hear what our members have to say about working with us.

What's your story?

Everyone has a story to tell, and we want to hear yours. What's been your best experience as a Purdue Federal member?

“Purdue Federal has treated me better than any bank. It doesn’t matter how large or small your account is, they treat everyone with the same dignity and respect. You know you're a member, not a just a number.”

Mike Norris
Member since 1987

“Purdue Federal makes banking fast and easy. Mobile banking helps me get instant information right on my phone.”

Thatcher Runyon
Member since 2008

“Purdue Federal is a financial institution you can trust!”

Philip Travis
Member since 2008

“From Egypt to Tokyo, My Purdue Federal credit and debit card work wherever I travel. And I beat out all those I travel with on international transaction fees. You simply can't beat the savings Purdue Federal provides.”

Ben Randel
Member since 2004

“I love that Purdue Federal is willing to call when something does not look normal with my account.”

Ashley Carnes
Member since 2003

“With Purdue Federal, I can always count on personal service that is second-to-none.”

Jill Burnworth
Member since 1985

“With Purdue Federal, an ATM is never far away, in residence halls and other locations. If you need money in a jiffy you can always rely on a surcharge-free ATM being just around the corner.”

Vineet Ahuja
Purdue student and Member since 2007

“When you go into any Purdue Federal branches you are always treated like family.”

Diane Martin
Member since 1997

“The fees at Purdue Federal are way lower than at most traditional banks.”

Jean-Gabriel Jolivet
Member since 1999

“As a student and Purdue Federal member, I can definitely say I've learned everything I need to know about banking from Purdue Federal Credit Union.”

Fuad Abdullah
Member since 2008

“Purdue Federal means I can bank anywhere! I don’t even live in the same state, but I still keep my primary account through Purdue Federal. Online banking, online bill pay and shared branches make banking easy, even from hundreds of miles away.”

Suzanne Kight
Member since 2005

“At My Purdue Federal the interest rate on my Visa card has never increased since I have had the card and that's been over 20 years.”

Jon Curtis
Member since 1989

“Every time I go to apply for a loan, I shop around looking for the best rate. Purdue Federal always has the best rates and service.”

Bradley Jadin
Member since 1998

“I have grown up with My Purdue Federal. This is where I had my first account. I have since gotten a few years older and moved away, but I continue to use the credit union because they have grown with me and are convenient even from out of state.”

Jenny Holland
Member since 1995

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