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In addition to the redesigned app, you now have a new tool to help manage your mobile banking preferences inside online banking. 

Log in to your online banking account. Under the My Profile tab select the Manage Mobile Banking option.


Select Accounts and Payees

Now you can add account suffixes and ePay payees to your mobile account. First you need to log in to the mobile app before these settings can be edited.

Your entire list of payees set up inside online banking will transfer to the mobile app. However, you may want to disable some payees that you don’t pay very often - especially if your list is very long.

Nicknames for Payees added here cannot have spaces and they must be unique.


Nickname Accounts

If you have multiple deposit accounts, it can be helpful to name them something that makes more sense to how they're used. Now you can. Choose which accounts you want to appear in the mobile app and call them what you want.

Nicknames for accounts edited here cannot have spaces and they must be unique.



You can enroll in a variety of alerts both from here and from the mobile app. Multiple alerts can be set at individual account levels and sent on more than one channel - push notifications, text alerts, etc. 


However, you can only register another device for text banking and email alerts here. Select Add Alert Channel to enable another device for text banking.


SMS Text Banking

Once you enable the mobile number for text alerts, you can text commands to MYPFED (697333). Text HELP to receive a list of commands by text.

Here’s a list of available commands.

SMS Command
View Balance Balance/bal/b + nickname
(eg. ‘b mychk’)
View History History/hist/h/activity/act/a + nickname
(eg. ‘h mychk’)
Transfer Funds Transfer/tra/t + from nickname + to nickname + amount
(eg. ‘t mychk mysav 1.50)
View Recent Transfers recenttransfers, rtransfer, rtra, rt
Pay Existing Payee Paybill/pay/p + acct nickname + payee nickname +
amount + date
(eg. ‘p mychk Comcast 52.99 03/19/14’)
View Recent Payments recentpayments, rpays, rpay, rp + acct. nickname
View Scheduled Payments scheduledpayments, spay, sp + acct. nickname
Cancel Scheduled Payments Cancelpayment/cpay/cp + reference number
(find ref# in mobile banking, scheduled transfers & payments)
View Payees paymentpayees, payees
Search Transactions by Amt History/hist/h + nickname + ‘a’ + low amount + high amount (eg. ‘h mychk a 2.50 10)
Search Transactions by Check # History/hist/h + nickname + ‘c’ + low check number +
high check number
(eg. ‘h mychk c 1380 1390’)
ATM/Branch Locator atm/branch + zip (eg, ‘atm 47906’)
Change Time zone tz
Help help


Do Not Disturb

Adjust your alert settings and set up specific timeframes for when you don’t want to receive push notifications or alerts.



*See Guide to Member Services and Fee Schedule for full disclosures. Click here to view the Online & Mobile Banking Service Agreement.