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Bronze Statusbronze_web.png

0-19 points
Our introductory Bronze Status offers members basic membership perks such as free checking, market pricing on loans and CDs, and 1 perk point for every $1 you spend on credit card purchases. This status serves as a strong basis for starting your relationship with Purdue Federal and sets the stage for continued growth into a higher status.

Members at this status will be especially interested in our Financial Wellness Perk—a no-cost, no-obligation financial review for members. Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge owned by experienced professionals with Investment Services Located at Purdue Federal Credit Union. The financial review is perfect for any stage of your life and is designed to help you achieve your financial goals.
My Bronze Perks:
  • Free Checking
  • Financial Wellness Perk
  • Market Pricing
  • 1.25 points for every $1 spent on Visa Signature credit card purchases redeemable immediately
My Perks Overview
Debit Perk
  Earn $5 a month. That’s potentially $60 a year for members who use their debit card for 30 or more signature and/or PIN point-of-sale transactions in a given month. There's no enrollment necessary, but members must be active at the Silver Status or above to qualify and enrollment in paperless statements is required.
Credit Card Perk


Depending on your status and if you have a Purdue Federal Visa® Credit Card, you will be awarded up to an additional .75 points for every $1 spent on Visa credit card purchases when your account is enrolled in paperless statements. Points will be available for redemption on a monthly basis, and can be redeemed for instant cash back, or donations to the Purdue Alumni Association or John Purdue Club. Since your status can change monthly, so might your bonus point amount.

Rate Perk
  Depending on your status, you can get a bonus up to 60 basis points subtracted from your qualifying loan and up to 50 added to your share certificate (CD). For example, if you're a Diamond member and your qualifying auto loan rate is 4.09 percent, just subtract .60 and your new rate is 3.49 percent. Your Rate Perk percentage is based on your account status at the time a CD is opened or a loan closes. The Rate Perk can be used on CDs, auto loans, recreational vehicle loans and personal loans.
wellness_perk.png Financial Wellness Perk
mmp_teal_checkmark.png Available for all Purdue Federal members starting at the Bronze Status, you can schedule a no-cost, no-obligation financial review through Investment Services Located at Purdue Federal Credit Union. Representatives will provide you with a personalized consultation to help you evaluate your insurance protection needs, education and retirement investments, wealth management and legacy planning.