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Banzai for Kids

Banzai + PFCU

Purdue Federal is proud to offer Banzai financial wellness resources and content. It’s free for educators, students, and anyone else who wants to learn about financial wellness.



Banzai Library

From Banzai, Purdue Federal brings you in-depth, crystal clear lessons that help students learn more about different financial topics.

Visit our interactive library to read helpful articles for any student's financial future.




Banzai Interactive

Through Banzai, we offer an interactive financial journey in this fun simulation game.

Start by taking a pre-test to gauge your financial knowledge before playing the game, then work through the simulation to get a hands-on look at keeping track of your finances. At the end of the game will be a post-test to see all you learned!


Banzai Junior
Ages 8-12


Banzai Teen
Ages 13-17


Banzai Plus
Ages 18+



Banzai for Classrooms

Banzai for Teachers

Purdue Federal Credit Union brings Banzai, a premium online financial literacy program, to educators and students in your area for FREE.

Banzai Teaching Materials


Get materials for your classroom to teach your students how to be financially fit and get started on the right track!



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