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Youth Month


April is National Credit Union Youth Month 

The theme for this year’s Youth Month is “Money Magic. Share, Spend and Save”. Together, we’re encouraging our youngest members to learn common financial concepts kids should understand:

  • Save: represented by a piggy bank pig named Penelope (Penny for short) who is always dreaming of the future.
  • Spend: represented by a flamingo named Pinky who seizes the day and celebrates life by treating them self from time to time.
  • Give: represented by a unicorn named Hope who spreads joy by helping others.
  • Invest: represented by a bear named Benny who thinks about their future and invests at their credit union.
  • Budget: represented by a penguin named Prudence who pays their bills and keeps a fine spreadsheet of needed expenses.

Download these fun color pages for your kids:

Pinky the Flamingo
Prudence the Penguin
Benny the Bear
Hope the Unicorn
Penny the Piggy Bank


Financial Fun for Kids

Purdue Federal can serve as an important ally for parents in their mission to teach their kids to be financially responsible. Check out some of our great learning tools and resources.


Youth Products and Services

Learn about our different products and services we offer to our younger members at Purdue Federal.

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