Joy Matson

Mortgage Specialist

NMLS 420150

Joy is a seasoned mortgage specialist, beginning her real estate career in 1983. She prides herself on personalized service, attention to detail and 24/7 availability. Her vast product knowledge and resourcefulness enables her to provide sound advice to homeowners, while developing mortgage arrangements to fit their unique circumstances - with a special emphasis on new construction and extensive renovations. She understands current market trends and is qualified to provide mortgage services outside Indiana as well - as many of her members continue to seek her services even when they move across the United States.

Joy is an award-winning professional, nationally recognized for the past decade by the finance industry and her peers. Her clients often return for additional services, and refer their family and friends.

Joy's passion outside the office is most definitely her animals. She treasures the time at her "working" farm, surrounded by horses and other beloved animals that have found a safe haven at her home. She enjoys chatting with others who share her fondness for animals.