Visit Our High School Branches

Along with our other branches, we have two in-school branches available for high school students to utilize:

 Harrison High School Branch

 Jefferson High School Branch

You can take Purdue Federal with you even after you graduate. As a member, you'll have access to our nationwide network of ATMs and shared branches.

High School Branches

High School Checking & Debit Cards

Carry your school spirit wherever you go. Our debit cards make spending convenient and secure.

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Student Checking

Access your checking and free financial wellness from any high school or college campus.

Youth Savings

Get your children started on the right financial path by learning how to save and manage money.

High School Debit Cards

Show your school pride with these exclusive debit card designs for your high school.

Private Student Loans

Financial aid packages often cover only a portion of college costs. An affordable private loan can help you make up the difference.

Student Calculators and Interactive Coaches

Figure out budgets, savings, debt and much more for your student life.

Youth Blog Articles

Parents and students can both take advantage of these curated blog articles for financially-savvy teens.

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Get easy access to your accounts and see your balances on-the-go with the Purdue Federal digital banking app.

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