It's our unique way of saying "thank you"

Your savings and checking deposits, loan balances and everyday transactions all earn points. Pile up the points and you'll earn perks that include free services, better rates and enhanced rewards.

65+ points
Diamond Status

Our shiniest status offers across-the-board benefits that include supersized credit card rewards and more.

45-64 points
Gold Status

Your borrowing costs go down and share certificate dividends rise upon reaching the second-highest status.

20-44 points
Silver Status

As you do more business with us, you'll earn monthly rewards for debit card use and benefit from better loan rates.

1-19 points
Bronze Status

Even if you're just getting started at Purdue Federal, you qualify for free checking and financial wellness services.

How To
How to Earn Points
Figure out how you can earn more perks by taking a look at our easy-to-read chart.
Log in to Digital Banking to learn what makes your current My Member Perks score.

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This is great to earn a little extra just by using your debit card!!Read More
by Mmhicks
Member since 1999 | Lafayette, IN
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Would recommend to a friend

I love the free $5 every month for the normal purchases I make!Read More
by Matt
Member since 2007 | West Lafayette, IN
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