Give a boost to your savings

Want your money to go the extra mile? All of our Share Accounts come with higher dividend rates that add extra muscle to your savings efforts.

Fixed-Rate Share Certificates

Choose the savings term that fits your financial schedule - three months, five years or somewhere in between.

Savers' Certificates

Automatic monthly deposits combine with dividend payments to help accelerate your growth.

Special Share Certificates

Sometimes we change things up and offer certificates with special dividend rates or savings terms.  

Health Savings Share Certificates

Take the sting out of big medical bills by setting aside money for everything from doctor's visits to hospital stays.

IRA Share Certificates

Tax advantages help stretch the dollars that you set aside for your retirement years.

My Member Perks

Your savings and checking deposits, loan balances and everyday transactions all earn points. Pile up the points and you'll earn perks that include free services, better rates and enhanced rewards.

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Special Share Certificates are available for a limited time. Minimum balance is $5,000. Early withdrawal penalty applies. Membership eligibility required.