Take strong steps to defend your finances

It's impossible to read news reports these days without hearing about financial fraud and ID theft. As these types of fraud continue to evolve and take place, let’s look at some ways to protect yourself and your money.

ATM Skimming
Illegal devices planted in some ATMs are designed to steal your debit card information. Learn how to protect yourself.
Credit Card Fraud
Closely guard your card number, regularly check transaction records and immediately report anything suspicious.
Online Security Tips and Scams

Digital Banking is as safe as it is convenient, as long as you know what to do - and what to avoid.

Vishing Scams
Beware of phone calls from fraudsters who pose as legitimate businesses and seek your financial information.
Identity Theft

Learn what identity theft looks like and how to prevent it.

Business Email Compromise

What is Business Email Compromise and how can you protect yourself from it?

Romance Scams

Romance scammers target people looking for love on dating apps and social media. But how can you tell the difference between dating or defrauding?

Latest Fraudulent Activity

Check out the latest scams and frauds the Purdue Federal Fraud team has encountered so you protect yourself.

Financial Empowerment

No one is born with a boatload of financial expertise. It's acquired over the long haul. We offer a variety of ways for you to learn more about budgeting, saving, debt reduction and other money matters.

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