Be wary of giving information over the phone.

It sounds a lot like a fun summer pastime, but vishing is a way to get your confidential information.

What is Vishing?

Vishing is a scam in which fraudsters try to get confidential information over the phone. A great way to avoid it? Remember that at Purdue Federal we will never ask you for personal financial information or your entire credit card account number over the phone.

Common Vishing Scams

One vishing scam you should be on the lookout for is PIN-based debit card fraud. This is when fraudsters spoof a financial institution’s phone number and pretend to be an employee calling to investigate potential fraud on the person’s debit card.

On the call, the fraudsters ask for the CVV2/CVC2 (security) code and expiration date on the person’s debit card. Then, the fraudster is able to call the financial institution’s automated phone system and change the debit card PIN so transactions can be made.

To be safe, it’s best to avoid giving out this information to someone who has reached out to you over the phone. 

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