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Unlike other financial institutions, credit unions are not-for-profit, membership-based organizations. The good news is that it's not hard to get in on the action. If you're affiliated with Purdue University, have roots in LaPorte County, Indiana, or are a part of one of our Select Employee Groups, chances are you're eligible.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Purdue Federal membership is open to current students; employees; alumni; and persons retired as pensioners or annuitants of Purdue University, as well as their immediate family members.
  • Membership is also open to persons who live, work, study, or worship in LaPorte County, Indiana.
  • If you work for one of the dozens of businesses, public agencies or nonprofit organizations, you're also eligible. See our list of Select Employee Groups.
  • Finally, any immediate family member of a Purdue Federal member qualifies for membership.

If you qualify, the next step is to open your membership with a $5 membership share deposit. At that point, you have access to all the other deposit accounts, loans, financial education offerings and financial services that we have to offer.

Minor Membership

Apply for a Minor Membership

Open an account for someone under 18 years old.

Open an account for a minor

Purdue Federal Credit Union serves members worldwide and operates branches throughout Greater Lafayette, Crown Point and La Porte, Indiana.


No, you do not have to be a member to apply for a loan. If you are not a member, you must qualify for membership before receiving the loan.

My Member Perks is a program that continuously rewards you for your trust and loyalty to Purdue Federal Credit Union. Your entire relationship with the credit union qualifies you for a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond Status based off the products and services you use. Each status offers a variety of perks designed for members at all stages of life. Perks include free checking, a monthly cash giveback, money saved on loan rates, and more!

There are many benefits of being a credit union member, often including lower rates and higher member satisfaction. Plus, credit unions are non-profits and are member-owned, which means we're dedicated to providing services and opportunities that benefit our members, not shareholders.

One of the best parts of being a member is Purdue Federal’s My Member Perks program. Our leadership team created this exclusive program to continuously give back to our members by financially rewarding them for their entire relationship with the credit union. It is based on many factors including years of membership and usage of all products and services. My Member Perks launched in August 2013 and has delivered more than $26 million back to members since inception.

Because we value all our members and we strive to be your trusted financial partner for life, we are thrilled to share a percentage of the credit union’s annual profits with our member-owners.

We also believe the My Member Perks program has created substantial growth for Purdue Federal. In 2018, the credit union experienced excellent growth in membership, deposits and loans—likely the result of our members and the local market responding favorably to our member giveback program.

Through our unique My Member Perks program, excellent service, competitive rates and lower fees than many other local financial institutions, word has spread that Purdue Federal is the place to belong where you have worth. We hope that your credit union is meeting your financial needs, and that you have experienced the credit union difference through My Member Perks.

Once you are a member of the credit union you are able to stay a member, regardless of your employment status.
  • Start by applying online, in the branch or by calling the Contact Center. 
  • Qualify for membership through one of our Select Employee Groups (SEGs) or if you 
    live, work, study, or worship in LaPorte County, Indiana.
  • Open a savings account and deposit your $5 membership share deposit to purchase your share of the credit union.

When you open your account you are technically purchasing a share of the credit union. This account is your membership share deposit of $5. With this, you are a member-owner of the credit union and are able to participate in credit union decisions.

Yes. There is a $5 minimum deposit to open your membership. This is your share of the credit union. If you close your account for any reason, you will get this amount back. 

Additionally, there is a $25 minimum opening deposit for checking accounts. 

See our Rate Sheet and Truth in Savings for complete details.

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I have enjoyed being a member of the Purdue Federal Credit Union (formerly the Members United Federal Credit Union) and hope to remain there for the duration of my lifetime.  I enjoy the ease of working with your wonderful team in all aspects of my financial success.Read More
by Shirl M. Daniels
Member since 2002 | Tucson, AZ
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Would recommend to a friend

I have been nothing but impressed with all of the great products and services Purdue Federal Credit Union offers. And I have yet to be charged a fee!Read More
by Curt
Member since 2007 |
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