An Unbeatable Combo:
The Power of the Boilermakers + Credit Union Perks

There's nothing quite like the pride that comes with being a Boilermaker. From the spirited chants at Ross-Ade Stadium to the dedication to academic excellence, Purdue fans embody the very essence of hard work and perseverance. And now, with the unmatched support of Purdue Federal Credit Union, those fans have access to a whole new level of financial perks and benefits.

The Official Debit Card for Purdue Fans

A Purdue Federal Visa® Debit Card is a valuable financial tool for purchases, cash withdrawals, and managing your spending habits.

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The Official Financial Wellness Provider for Purdue Fans

Purdue Federal offers the knowledge and resources you need to make informed financial decisions. Learn about budgeting, saving, debt reduction, and more to secure your financial future.

Money Moves Blog

The ultimate news-you-can use. Get access to easy-to-follow articles on many popular topics.

Interactive Coaches

Get step-by-step online guidance for your next big milestone.

Financial Learning Videos

Enjoy free streaming from our on-demand video archive while catching all the benefits to your personal finances.

Banzai Courses

Our Banzai Courses use real-life scenarios to demonstrate the power of good financial planning. For kids, teens, and young adults, these courses teach basic and advanced financial concepts.

Financial Literacy for Schools

Reading, writing - and money matters. Purdue Federal's curriculum provides students with early exposure to important topics.

Financial Counseling

Need some friendly advice or planning assistance? It doesn't cost anything to sit down with an expert.

Financial Seminars
Our free sessions provide good information presented in a straightforward manner.
Community Outreach

Are you a local non-profit looking for financial wellness resources to offer your clients? Learn more about our free community outreach program.