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Applying for college? Paying off loans? Wondering if a credit card is a good next step? When it comes to these big financial questions, information is everywhere, but it can be overwhelming. We’ve made it a little simpler with our financial wellness videos.

Credit Cards: Valuable Tool or Bad Idea?

Much more than a piece of plastic.

How to Build Your Savings

Save big with a little work.

Loss of Income & Working With Your Creditors

Navigate a tough time with a little help.

Student Loans to Fill the Gap

Cover extra costs with student loans.

How to Find Scholarships for College

Learn where you can find scholarships.

Understanding Credit

Learn how improve your credit score and become more credit worthy.

Student Financing Webinars

On-demand webinars to give you the know-how for college financing.

Creating a Budget

Learn how to calculate your net income, track your spending, set goals and use the 50/30/20 rule to set limits.

Types of Fraud

Any type of fraud, especially financial fraud, is something everyone should educate themselves on.

Paying off Debt

Take control of your debt and achieve financial freedom.

Filling out the FAFSA

Unlock financial aid opportunities with FAFSA: your key to college funding!

Money Moves Blog

Our new blog offers helpful articles to help you make more informed financial decisions.

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