Get the details on wire transfers to and from your Purdue Federal account.

Sometimes domestic or international payments require a wire transfer. While they sound complicated, we’re here to outline the specifics so you can move money with ease.

Sending a Wire Transfer

When sending a wire, you’ll need:

For domestic wires:

  • Financial institution name and address
  • ABA/Routing number
  • Receiver's full name, account number and physical address

For international wires:

  • Financial institution name and address
  • Currency type
  • Intermediary information, if applicable
  • Additional country specific information, if applicable
  • Receiver's full name, IBAN or account number and physical address

Note: All wire requests must be received by Purdue Federal no later than 3 p.m. Eastern Time in order to be sent the same day. Purdue Federal cannot guarantee the time or date of arrival for a wire once it has been sent.

Receiving a Wire Transfer

If you are receiving a wire transfer into your Purdue Federal account, here is the info you’ll need:

  • Receiving Institution Name: Purdue Federal Credit Union
  • Receiving Institution ABA/Routing Number: 274976067
  • Receiving Institution Identifier: FW274976067
  • Receiving Institution Address: 1551 Win Hentschel Blvd., West Lafayette, IN 47906
  • Beneficiary Name: Your name as it appears on your Purdue Federal account
  • Beneficiary Account Number: Your Purdue Federal account number
  • Beneficiary Address: Your physical address

Note: Purdue Federal Credit Union is not a part of the SWIFT network and does not have a SWIFT code. All wire transfers from non-U.S. financial institutions must be received through the Federal Reserve.


There are fees for both domestic and international wire transfers. Please see the Fee Schedule for details. 

Purdue Federal Credit Union serves members worldwide and operates branches throughout Greater Lafayette, Crown Point and La Porte, Indiana.

15 See Fee Schedule for disclosures.