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You Know You're From "The Region" When...

Our lively Northwest Indiana region is characterized by more than corn. If you call The Region home, you may have more in common with your neighbor than you thought. You know you’re from The Region if you relate to these 5 tell-tale signs.

1. You crave Albanese sweets

The world’s best gummy bears are made at the Albanese Candy factory. Trying every candy option available would take a lifetime, but you’re up for the challenge. Any road trip will always end with a “quick trip” and too much spending, and it’s always worth it.

2. You understand the Lake Effect

The Great Lakes are not always great fun. Until the lakes freeze over, life continues through a blizzard. Lake effect means five feet of snow and nowhere to go, and everyone you know owns a snowplow or snowmobile. You consider yourself friends with your local meteorologist, though they often bear dreary news during the fall and winter months.

3. You say you’re from Chicago

Living in a different time zone than most of Indiana means you typically identify with Chicago. You claim you’re from “just outside Chicago” when introducing yourself to strangers to spare them the golden “Where’s The Region?” question. Naturally, you’ve been told you have a Chicago accent a time or two.

4. You root for Chicago sports teams

Forget about Indiana sports rivalries. Whether it's the Bears, Bulls, Cubs, White Sox, or Blackhawks, you pledge your allegiance to Chicago teams. Your Chicagoan team pride runs deep through family generations. Who even are the Colts and Pacers?

5. You love the Dunes

Claiming Indiana Dunes National Park as your backyard earns major bragging rights. The Dunes offer thousands of acres for wilderness exploration and historic attractions. Fifteen miles of sandy beaches make for a “tropical” getaway, minus the industrial views of a nearby mill. 

Though your travels may take you far, you’ll always miss the 219. Home is where the cornfields meet the city lights, trains are as common as cars and Midwestern hospitality is unbeatable. To have roots in Northwest Indiana is something to take pride in. Life sure is better by the lake.

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