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Money Moves

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Get ready for campus living with Boiler Bingo from Purdue Federal!

Learn more about our DIY orientation for new Boilermakers.

Don't miss out on important fun and finance info! We've created a Boiler Bingo card to help you prepare to head to campus this fall.


Here are some descriptions to get you started on this DIY orientation:

1. Find the Purdue Federal ATM closest to your campus housing on a map

You can find a map with our ATM locations here. Just put in your address and we’ll show you the closest surcharge-free ATM.

2. Find the Purdue Federal branch closest to your campus housing on a map

You can find a map with our branch locations here. Just put in your address and we’ll show you the closest Purdue Federal branch.

3. Join Purdue Federal Credit Union

Become a member at Purdue Federal Credit Union here. Our student members enjoy free checking, unlimited cash back on purchases, and much more.

4. Join PASE

Become a member of PASE. When you do this AND open a free checking account with Purdue Federal, we’ll put $50 directly into your account.

5. Visit the Boiler Financial Track website

Boiler Financial Track is the official financial wellness provider of Purdue University. As a partnership between Purdue Federal Credit Union and Purdue Recreation and Wellness, they offer resources and financial counseling services for students.

6. Apply for a Traditional Student Visa® Credit Card

Students can get low, fixed APR and a variety of perks when they use their Traditional Student Visa® Credit Card. Learn more here.

7. Check out our Purdue Student hub page

Purdue students get our A+ effort. Check out this page for everything from useful products, services, tools and other resources curated to help Purdue students financially succeed.


8. Make a 50/30/20 budget

Speaking of how to budget, we have a great tool for creating a 50/30/20 plan. Learn more about what that means and how it can help you stay on track here.

9. Follow Purdue Federal Credit Union on Facebook

Follow us on Facebook for credit union updates, resources and exciting changes and opportunities for members.

10. Follow Purdue Federal Credit Union on Instagram

Follow us on Instagram for updates and a behind-the-scenes look at life at Purdue Federal.

11. Follow Purdue Federal Credit Union on Twitter

Follow us on Twitter for updates, resources, and retweets.

12. Find the shared branch closest to your hometown on our map

Did you know that Purdue Federal is part of a network of shared branches? As a member, there are more than 5,600 branches nationwide that can serve you. You can find a map with our shared branch locations here. Just put in your home address and we’ll show you the closest shared branch.

13. Plan your first Pete Pop from University Book Store

With their debit or credit card, Purdue Federal members get a free soda (called a Pete Pop) from University Book Store every Thursday. With a huge variety of flavors, it’s fun to mix up your own delicious concoction! Plan your first “recipe.”

14. Schedule a counseling appointment with Boiler Financial Track.

It’s never too early to start on a plan to pay off debt and build a budget. We offer one-on-one financial counseling for students. Head to the Boiler Financial Track website, go to “Schedule a Time” and login with your Purdue credentials to set up an appointment.

15. Download the Purdue Federal Credit Union app for digital banking.

Are you a member of Purdue Federal? Download our app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can check balances, make payments, transfer funds, and much more right from your phone!

16. Free Space

This one’s on us!

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