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Teach Kids About Spending, Saving and Sharing with a DIY Moon Jar

Get crafty and teach your kiddos about good money management.

Keeping the kiddos busy for the rest of the school year may seem like a daunting task. Thankfully, we have a fun DIY project for our youth members—making a moon jar!

What is a moon jar?

A moon jar is a great tool for learning about personal finance early!

Moon jars from Purdue Federal have three sections: Share, Save, and Spend. For the Share section, you can save until December, then bring in these savings to a branch to donate to a charity of your choice. Purdue Federal will add $5 to that donation! Savings go in the Save section, and the Spend section is for your own use.

How do I make a moon jar?

Gather your materials.

First, get the supplies for your moon jar ready. You’ll need:

  • Three containers (tissue boxes, boxes made from paper, etc.)
  • Adhesive (glue, tape, string, or something that can hold your containers together)
  • Art supplies (crayons, markers, glitter glue, etc.)
Decorate each section.

When you get a moon jar from Purdue Federal, each section (Share, Save, and Spend) is a different color. Feel free to do the same with the one you make. Add drawings to show what you’re saving for, who you’ll donate to, and what you’d like to buy with your spending money. Get creative!

Connect them!

Attach your three sections to each other to make one, big moon jar! You can tape them, glue them, tie them with string or ribbon– it’s up to you!

Learn more about opening a youth account with Purdue Federal here.

Request a Moon Jar

You can request a pre-made Moon Jar in the form below and Purdue Federal will send one to you in the mail!

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