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52 Week Savings Challenge

Challenge yourself to save a little more this year.

Savings_Challenge.pngLooking for an easy way to save nearly $1,400 this year? Print the 52 Week Savings Challenge chart and start saving a little more each week. Grab a jar, set aside an envelope, or open an extra savings account and get started today!

Here's how it works: Each week you save the same amount of money to match the week number. For example, on week #1 you save $1 and on week #36 you save $36. At the end of 52 weeks, you will have saved a whopping $1,378.

It's easy to open a new savings account online.
Log in to your online banking account on the left. Once in your account, select the "OTHER TOOLS" tab at the top and select "Add a Visa, Loan or Account" from the drop menu. Then click "New Deposit Account". Or, simply stop by any of our convenient locations.

For more tips on ways to save, try our savings calculators.

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